What kind of social care services do you need?

Residential services

Residential care services are 24-hour and long-term care services for individuals in need (children or adults), provided in residential centers, public and private.

Residential services are provided by public and non-public entities. In a residential center can not be provided service for two groups in need. In the case of service for children, they are alsoseparated by age groups, (0-6 years old, 6-15 years old and 15-18 years old). Also, there is age division for residential services for people with disabilities, (- 25 years and over 25 years)

Community Service

Community services are services that are offered at local community centers or other facilities, such as day care services or temporary replacement custodian for all categories of beneficiaries of social care services.

In a community service center, more than one beneficiary group can be dealt with daily, for example children of an ethno-cultural group, children with disabilities, and the elderly. These services centers referred to as a multidisciplinary center, are generally centers administered by local governments.

Preliminary services

Preliminary services are services that include the provision of information to beneficiaries of social care services by service providers, assistance to beneficiaries in determining their needs, initial assessment, support and assistance for selection that suits the needs of beneficiaries in the social services system.

Alternative care services for children without parental care

For children who are temporarily or permanently unable to have a family environment or when it is not in their highest interest to stay in this environment, it is provided an alternative care such as being placed in an alternative family or an institution of childcare; in an foster family or caregivers.

Domestic services

Domestic services are social care services that are provided in families for those in need, who are unable to receive community services, daily and residential services.

Specialized services

Specialized services are services provided by profiled professionals in various specialties. These services are provided at district / regional and municipal level for children with pervasive developmental disabilities, mental retardation, communication disorders, in need of physical training, sexually abused children, children in conflict with the law, as well as abused women and girls, violated or trafficked persons, as well as all categories that need such services.

Counseling service by phone or on-line

The telephone or on-line counseling service is a service offered through a 24 hour telephone line 7 days a week, for support, counseling in crisis and referral of cases of domestic violence and child protection, according to approved and developed protocols.