What are social services?

Social Services in Albania originated in 1993, with the approval of Law No. 710, dated 18.05.1993. At this time the individual’s right to social protection was recognized and became a legal obligation.

Over the years social protection has been provided through two forms:

monthly financial support for individuals and families in economic difficulties,

social care, specialized services, support.

If you need to show your problem or ask to get help for yourself, your family or even to show that a child, an individual you have seen in a difficult situation, you can contact the social worker of the municipality in the neighborhood or your village.

Today, the right to social protection, beneficiaries, typologies, rules and responsibilities of the state and associations that provide services are defined by the Law No.121 / 2016 dated 24.11.2016 “On Social Services in the Republic of Albania”.

This law defines social care services as:

an integrated and organized system of benefits and facilities provided by professionals in relevant fields in order to ensure the welfare, independence and social inclusion of individuals, families or communities in need of social care.