Social Care Services, summary

Social care services are an integrated and well-organized system of benefits and facilities in order to ensure the welfare, independence and social inclusion of individuals, families and families in need of social care.

Social care services are provided by professionals in the respective fields of public or private entities.

Social care services are provided in residential centers, daily centers, family, and community centers. Typologies of social care services are defined in Law no.121/2016 dated 24.11.2016 “On Social Services in the Republic of Albania”.

Beneficiaries of these services are individuals families and groups in need who are unable to cope with their vital needs for the preservation, development and rehabilitation of individual opportunities to overcome emergency or chronic needs.

  • the children,
  • disabled persons,
  • adults with social problems,
  • children and adult victims of domestic violence,
  • children and adult victims of trafficking,
  • individuals depending on proven drug and alcohol,
  • pregnant girls or single parents of a child up to the age of one year,
  • minors and young people in conflict with the law,
  • the elderly in need,
  • families and individuals in an emergency situation.

The social care system functions based on three elements, which are:

  • Standards
    Standards are a set of criteria and indicators that are required to be achieved by all types of social services to ensure the fulfillment of the changing needs of their beneficiaries and the community they serve. Also, standards are the means to assess the quality of service.
  • Licensing
    Legal, private and public persons who provide social care services are provided with a special license by the Ministry responsible for the field of Social Services, which is the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, MHSP.
  • Inspection
    Respecting the legal requirements in the field of social care services is the mission and areas of responsibility of the Department for Inspection ofStandards and Social Services, this is the area of social care, which is regulated by Law no.121/2016 dated 24.11.2016 “On Social Services in the Republic of Albania”.