Procedures for the investigation of accidents at work

One of the main goals of SLISS is to minimize the loss of health and human life due to occupational accidents, occupational diseases and other health injuries as a result of work.

The legislation on which SLISS operates and the legal basis in particular for accidents at work are:

Law no. 10433, dated 16.06.2011 “On Inspection in the Republic of Albania”

Law no. 7961, dated 12.07.1995 “Labour Code of the Republic of Albania”, as amended.

Law no. 9634, dated 30.10.2006 “On Labour Inspection and State Labour Inspectorate”, as amended.

  • Law no. 10237, dated 18.02.2010 “On Safety and Health at Work”.
  • Law “On Social Insurance in the Republic of Albania”.

DCM. No. 788, dated 14.12.2005 “On the determination of the accident at work”.

DCM. No. 461, dated 22.7.1998 “On the Employers Register for Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases”.

“Accident at Work or Due to Work” is any sudden event that causes immediate bodily harm that occurs during the performance of a work or a related service, as well as any other health impairment that is not caused by general illness but resulting in temporary or permanent disability at work or death.

The accident is estimated to have occurred at work or because of work when the employee is injured during:

  1. performing the work, according to its description;
  2. performing another job, without the employer’s order but for major reasons, in the interest of the job;
  3. performing another job by the employer;
  4. resting time at the place designated by the employer, or for putting in order the machinery, work tools, clothes, before or after work;
  5. the direct route from work to home and vice versa, when the transport is organized by the employer or individually by the employee;
  6. completion of vocational training courses;
  7. giving first aid, for the purpose of performing duties, in cases of natural disasters.

Accidents at work, based on the consequences and the number of injured persons, are classified as follows:

  1. Accidents that cause temporary disability at work for more than 3 calendar days;
  2. accidents that cause temporary or permanent disability;
  3. deaths;
  4. massive accidents where at least two or more people are injured at the same time and for the same reason.