Mr. Arben Seferaj Received the President of the OSCE Presence in Albania Mr. Bernd Borchardt

In the premises of the State Inspectorate of Labor and Social Services on 27/06/2018, the General Director of SLISS, Mr. Arben Seferaj received the President of the OSCE Presence in Albania, Ambassador Mr.Bernd Borchardt.

The meeting focused on the challenges and priorities of the State Labour Inspectorate and Social Services regarding the labour inspection system in Albania.
In the special focus of Ambassador Borchardt, was the revival of the cooperation between the presence of OSCE and SLISS, regarding the technical support from OSCE, to identify cases of potential exploitation at work, especially of child labour.

Also, it discussed ways of increasing inter-institutional cooperation between SLISS and the State Police to maximize efforts to identify cases of illegal employment and trafficking for labour exploitation.

Mr. Seferaj briefly acquainted Ambassador Borchardt with the challenges of the State Labour Inspectorate and Social Services to enhance the performance and effectiveness of the inspections carried out with the aim of fulfilling the mission the law entrusts to labour inspectors.

At the meeting it was agreed that the presence of the OSCE will continue to support the SLISS in the harmonization of sub-legal acts related to the employment of children with a view to preventing their economic exploitation.

Cooperation will continue in terms of institutional capacity building through training of the inspection body, as well as for the control of child labor and to identify and refer to suspected cases of trafficking for the purpose of exploitation, starting with the design of a a plan of measures for this purpose.