In accordance with Article 7 of Law no. 119/2014 “On the Right to Information” a Transparency Program for the State Labour Inspectorate and Social Services (SLISS) is prepared. This program sets out the legal framework of the activity of the State Labour Inspectorate and Social Services within the law no. 119/2014 “On the Right to Information”.

This program is evaluated as a concrete way through which SLISS builds and enhances transparency in its institutional work, under the auspices of the LRI. SLISS will periodically update the Transparency Program, in accordance with item 2 of Article 5 of the LRI.

The information made public in this program aims to make transparency of the work of SLISS through its detailed coverage on the official website as well as in the public reception venues.  The transparency program is reflected in the columns, texts / content, time limits for making it public, the way of making it public, and the structure that produces or manages the document.

In the content of the transparency program, a publication scheme is highlighted, which reflects the menus where the document is addressed on the official website. In addition, each document is also accessible in the scheme.

The documentation made public will be updated in form and content. SLISS’s official site is build in a way that enables the information to the public without a request in easily understandable format. In the columns of the official site reflected the information characterized by identifying restrictions of personal data for the purpose of maintaining the privacy of individuals / data subjects, etc.

The publication scheme is presented through the summary table highlighted in this program

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