How is an employment contract complied?

The employment contract is concluded in written form. The employer is obliged to sign? it within 7 days from the day of employment. It is designed to carry out a job for a fixed or indefinite period of time Only by payment.

The employment contract must necessarily contain the following elements:

  • Identity of parties.
  • Place and job description
  • Date of commencement of work.
  • Duration (term / indefinite).
  • Normal daily and weekly working hours.

The normal daily working time is 8 hours a day and weekly 40 hours per week. Every hour worked after normal working hours is considered an extra hour.

With duration of work, it is understood the time during which the employee is at the employer’s disposal, including the time during which he or she is performing the vocational training or re-training permitted by the employer.

At the work time it is not included the time of rest, during which the employee is not available to the employer.

  • Composition components of the salary and the date of granting it.

By salary is understood the basic salary, as well as the additions of permanent character.  Currently with a DCM it is determined 24,000 (twenty four thousand) ALL. The salary is paid only through the banking system. The employer gives the employee, for each salary, a calculation including the amount of the salary, the bases of the calculation, if this is variable, and all deductions from it, on the date stipulated in the contract concluded between the parties.

Wage supplements for work performed at:

Working with shifts:

  • Second Shift (from 19:00 to 22:00 not less than 20%)
  • Third shift (from 22.00 to 06.00 supplements not less than 50%)

The weekly vacation includes Sunday. Work performed on weekly rest days is offset not less than 25%, or with a rest, equal to the length of work performed + additional break, not less than 25% of the duration of this work.

The work performed on official holidays is compensated no less than 25% and with a payable break, equal to the length of the work performed on official holidays.

Work performed in extra hours is paid no less than 25%, unless otherwise provided in the collective contract. Additional hours of work carried out during weekly or official holidays are compensated with a break or salary at least 50% greater than the normal salary, unless otherwise provided in the collective contract.  This compensation also includes the compensation included in the preceding paragraphs.

  • Duration of annual holidays

ANNUAL Holidays are no less than 4 calendar weeks during the current working year.

Annual holidays do not include official holiday days. If the official holiday falls on the paid annual holiday day, the annual leave is postponed.

In the case of an employee who has not completed a full year of work, the duration of the vacation is calculated in proportion to the duration of the work performed.

  • Termination of employment relationship and notice

During the probation period, each of the parties may terminate the contract by notifying at least 5 days in advance.  

A contract of indefinite duration ends when selected by one party and the notice deadline has expired. The parties must respect a notice deadline:

  • for two weeks, when the employment relationship lasted up to six months,
  • of one month, for a duration of six months to two years,
  • for two months, for a term of two years to five years,
  • of three months, for a duration of more than five years.

A fixed term contract ends at the end of the anticipated time, without prior choice.

The employer must notify the employee in writing at least 72 hours before the meeting and talk with it the reasons for the decision. The settlement is notified in writing, with the reasons for the settlement within a period of 48 hours to one week after the meeting.

  • Types and Procedures of Disciplinary Measures.
    Alert! The fines imposed by the employer are prohibited, except for the fines set forth in the Collective Contract.
  • Collective contract reference (if union organization works and there is a collective agreement).