The main principles that underpin the SLISS’s Transparency Program are:

  1. “The right to information” is the constitutional right provided in Article 23, accessible to all without exception.
  2. Presumption of maximum publication of data: SLISS exercises public functions, hence the information deriving from its activity is published in accordance with the legislation in force.
  3. Correct implementation of the law and legal provisions that specifically regulate the activity of SLISS and respectively: Law no. 10 433, dated 16.6.2011 “On Inspection in the Republic of Albania” and Law no. 119/2014 “On the Right to Information”.
  4. The information fits in plain and understandable language.
  5. The supervisory body of public information procedures is the Commissioner for the Right to Information and Protection of Personal Data.
  6. The review of the transparency program is carried out according to the same procedure through which its adoption has been made.
  7. Public information without request should be:
    • full;
    • correct;
    • updated;
    • simple in consultation;
    • understandable;
    • easily accessible;
    • compatible with the original documents in the possession of SLISS.