General Director Seferaj: Our maximum engagement in the construction sector campaign!

The Labour Inspectorate participated in a two-day training organized by the ILO, the International Labour Oganization, with a clear focus on identifying and taking measures in terms of safety and health at work as a sector that poses a continuing risk to safety and health at the workplace of the employees.

This training was carried out in the quality of an awareness-raising, counseling, informing of employers and employees without any detachment from the inspection process.

“The engagement of the State Labour Inspectorate is maximaum in the construction sector campaign. Measures to improve working conditions in order to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases, as well as to create decent working conditions is one of our priorities, “said General Director, Arben Seferaj during this training.

The training was attended by inspectors from all regional branches as well as by the Central Directorate. For the latter, it was emphasized how will inspect the construction activity subjects, where they will complete the quests (questionnaires prepared by ILO experts for this sector) promising the most accomplished results for decent work, without accidents and safety and health at work.