Employee obligations

The employee must, in accordance with his training, with the instructions given by the employer and with the manuals and instructions and technical regulations:

  1. to correctly use machinery, equipment, tools, hazardous substances, transport equipment and other means;
  2. to correctly use the individual protective equipment made available to them and, after use, to return them to the place where their safe storage is planned;
  3. not to discard, alter or displace arbitrarily the safety mechanisms mounted on machinery, equipment, tools, plant and buildings and to properly use these mechanisms;
  4. to immediately notify the employer, the employee in charge of safety and health at work and the representatives of the employees, for any work situation for which they have a reasonable motive to assess as a case presenting a serious risk to safety and health as well as any defects found in the protection system;
  5. to cooperate with the employer, the employee in charge of safety and health at work and representatives of the employees:
  6. until the performance of all duties or requirements determined by the laboUr inspector, in order to protect the safety and health of the employees at work;
  7. until it is necessary to allow the employer to ensure that the environment and working conditions are safe and without risk to safety and health within their scope of activity.