Social services are administered on the basis of universal principles in the field of protection of human rights and in particular on the basis of these fundamental principles:

  • The principle of universality,
  • The principle of social justice,
  • The principle of subsidiarity,
  • The principle of social support,
  • The principle of deinstitutionalisation,
  • The principle of partnership,
  • The principle of respect for human rights and the integrity of the beneficiary,
  • The principle of non-discrimination,
  • The principle of confidentiality and protection of personal data.


Local government units“are municipalities and districts, as defined in the applicable legislation for the territorial administrative-territorial division of local government units.

Social worker of the local government unit“is a professional, according to relevant legislation in force, in the needs assessment and case referral units that will be responsible for identifying the needs, referral, management and follow-up of cases.

Case Management“is the provision and co-ordination of referral of individuals in need of social care throughout the service delivery process, whenever necessary, to their full integration.

Non-public, social service provider“is any non-public provider licensed to provide social care services by the responsible authority under the applicable legislation on licensing.

Employee of social services“is an employee serving the categories of beneficiaries of social care services as part of the public and non-public system of providing social care services.

Social care service fees“are the tariffs that are set upon the decision of the municipal council in accordance with the criteria approved by the Decision of Council of Ministers, by the type of service and the way of determining them.

Responsible Ministryfor social issues organizes and manages the system of social care services in accordance with the requirements and standards of their provision.

The Directorate of Inspection of Standards of Social Services has the responsibility to control and verify the compliance with legal requirements in the field of social care services.