Year 1992 (Pass through the following stages)

  • Creation of the Committee of Labour and Social Affairs and then of the Ministry of Labour.
  • ILO Mission in Albania, which proposes the ILO Project for the Development of the Ministry of Labour.

Year 1993 (Pass through the following stages)    

  • The launch of the ILO Project in the Ministry of Labour, one of its components:
  • Establishment of the State Labour Inspectorate in Albania.
  • The First Labour Inspector is appointed to the Ministry of Labour.
  • DCM no. 600 defining the number of Labour Inspectors in Albania. In this decision it is determined that the SLI has 48 labour inspectors.

Year 1994 (Pass through the following stages)

  • Are appointed 29 “First Labour Inspectors”, who are attached to the employment offices in the regions
  • Start of the first inspection visits
  • Organization and Development of five residential seminars for the training of inspectors from the ILO project.
  • Establishment of the Directorate of State Labour Inspectorate.

Year 1995 (Pass through the following stages)

  • Adoption of Law no. 7986 date.13.9.1995 “On the State Labour Inspectorate”
  • Organization and development of two residential seminars for the training of inspectors from the ILO project and two 1 weekly seminars for the formation of trainers of labour inspectors

Year 1996-1997 (Pass through the following stages)

  • The number of labour inspectors and the number of controlled entities increases.
  • Organization for the first time of control of geographic entities across the country by labour inspectors in cooperation with all sectors of the Ministry of Labour.

Year 1998 (Pass through the following stages)

  • Approval of the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 457 dated. 27.7.1998 “On the Status of SLI”.
  • Restructuring of the SLI Directorate. Creation of the Working Conditions Directorate and the Directorate of Labour Inspection. The respective sectors were created in each directorate.

Year 1999 (Pass through the following stages)

  • Continued the numerical growth of labour inspectors in the districts.
  • Increases the level of cooperation with other similar controlling institutions.
  • They conclude 4 cooperation agreements: with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Deepening the work on training and qualification of the staff of inspectors at home and abroad through seminars, courses and exchange of experience.

Year 2000 (Pass through the following stages)

  • Approval of the Decision of the Council of Ministers 419 dated. 04.08.2000 “On Hazardous Facilities”
  • Renewal of the Act Agreement with the Institute of Public Health.
  • Qualification seminars are organized with Belgian and Turkish experts, as well as a joint seminar with the Social Insurance Institute.

Albanian Government has continued its work on the development and continuous improvement of labour legislation.

In parallel, work has been done on the organization and continuous improvement of the inspection process.

Currently, labour inspection is performed only on-line, through the portal “e-inspection”.