General documentation that should have the inspected entity

Documentation for LABOR RELATIONS which holds the employer for his employees such as: (Employment contract, employee register, payroll list, foreign work permit, employment authorization for minors, as well as any other documentation related to the implementation of legal obligations regulating employment relationships)

Documentation for SAFETY AND HEALTHY ISSUES AT WORK which holds the employer for his employees as; (Document of Risk Assessment, Plan, Job Project, Documentation on the Functioning of the Occupational Safety and Health Council, List of Dangerous Substances, Additional Permit / Documentation from Other Institutions Operating in the Field of Safety and Health atWork, driving license / machine / equipment permits, emergency evacuation plan, employee information and instruc- tion, documentation for the enterprise physician, accident and occupational disease register, and any other document related to these issues,).

Attention! The above-mentioned documentation is a grouping of the type of documentation that the labour inspector controls in the exercise of his competence, while depending on the type of activity or a concrete situation where it is judged to be interfered, the inspector requires specific and concrete documentation.