Beneficiary of social care services” is the subject, the individual or the family that fulfills the conditions to benefit from the rights of the social service.

Children” is every individual up to the age of 18 years.

Children in need of special protection” is the individual up to the age of 18 who may be the victim of abuse, neglect, exploitation, trafficking, discrimination, violence, abandonment or criminal activity, as well as an individual under 18 who has committed or is charged with having committed a criminal offense.

People with disabilities” is the individual, child or adult, with physical, mental impairment,

intellectual or long-term senses, which in interaction with various barriers may hinder its full and effective participation in society just like the rest of society.

Victims of Violence“are all individuals, groups of individuals or families who are victims and / or potential victims of violence, including domestic violence or abuses, according to the legislation in force.

Victim of trafficking” is a natural person subject to trafficking in human beings, according to the definition of letter” e “of Article 4 of Law no. 9642, dated 20.11.2006, “On the ratification of the Council of Europe convention” On Measures Against Trafficking in Human Beings “.

Emergency Situation” is a critical situation, temporary or not, caused by factors

social behavior that can or may result in immediate, serious, or serious harm to the life, health or well-being of the individual if no urgent and prohibitive action is taken.

Guardian” is the individual who provides custody services to minors as defined in the Family Code.

Caregivers Family” is an alternative family, located by the court to provide children with a family environment, conditions for growth, physical care and emotional support according to the provisions of the Family Code.

Personal assistant” is the person selected and guided by a disabled person to help the latter overcome the barriers to everyday life, as defined in the applicable legislation for the inclusion and accessibility of persons with disabilities.

Discrimination” is any distinction, exception, restriction or preference, based on gender, race,

color, ethnicity, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, political, religious or philosophical beliefs, economic, educational or social condition, pregnancy, parentage, parental responsibility, age, family or marital status, marital status, place of residence, health status, genetic predispositions, disability, affiliation to a particular group, or any other cause that has the purpose or effect of hindering or rendering impossible the exercise of the fundamental rights and freedoms recognized in the Constitution in the same way as others of the Republic of Albania, with international acts ratified by the Republic of Albania, as well as with the laws in force.

Single Person” is the individual who does not have a family or one who lives alone.

Categories that do not benefit social care services

  • albanian citizens residing abroad,
  • asylum seekers, who have not received asylum status,
  • albanian citizens, foreign nationals or stateless persons, who need emergency assistance as a result of natural disasters and wars;
  • persons serving a sentence of imprisonment by a final court decision.