Information card

When is required the authorization for minors?

Children under 15 years who are attending compulsory school education may be hired for the purpose of exercising cultural, artistic, advertising, sports activities only after being provided with prior authorization by the Labour Inspectorate.

Exceptionally children aged 15-16 years may be employed during school holidays in light work only after they obtain prior authorization from the Labour Inspectorate. Also, these children may be subject to counseling and vocational training.

Who Wants This Authorization? What way to follow?

Employer prior to the commencement of the employment relationship with the employee “child”, submits a request to the Labour Inspectorate at the regional branch where the subject performs its activity.

The request is made here:

    Name Surname (Employer or his legal representative)

    Name of subject that requires this authorization


    County where the Subject exercises the activity

    The exact address where the activity is performed (address center and affiliate where the minor will be employed)

    Contact number

    Email address

    Your request is:*

    Important: After this request the subject will be notified of the day of the inspection visit for this purpose as well as the appropriate documentation for approval / issuance of this authorization.

    Authorization or its refusal (for legal reasons) can also be sent via official post, after the inspection visit.

    Reminder: You must know in advance that

    This authorization requires the personal data of the child, the description of the job position where the “child” employee will be hired, the working hours, and the consent of the legal representatives of the child under 16 years.