Prior to commence the work the enterprise under the legal obligation, the entity (all natural and legal persons, domestic or foreign, private or public, operating in profit or non-profit economic activity in the territory of the Republic of Albania) before the activity commences or before the opening of a new workplace, or expansion of existing activity, openingnew jobs

Requires Work permit:

The request comes from the subject itself, here:

Emër Mbiemër (Punëdhënësi apo përfaqësuesi ligjor i tij)

Emri i subjektit që kërkon këtë aurorizim


Rrethi ku ushtron aktivitetin Subjekti*

Adresa e sakte ku ushtron aktivitetin(adresë qëndër dhe filialin ku do të punohet)

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Important: After this request the subject will be notified of the day of the inspection visit for this purpose as well as the appropriate documentation for approval / issuance of this authorization/permit.

Authorization or its refusal (for legal reasons) can also be sent via official post, after the inspection visit

Reminder: You must know in advance that

The documentation that verifies and controls the labour inspector specifically for handling your request is:

No Documentation
1 Document of Installations of Machineries and Equipments
2 Request of the entity
3 List of dangerous substances to be used
4 Plan project of workplaces
5 Surface and volume of workplace